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I am a British photographer based in Bournemouth where I have gained a BA in Commercial Photography and an MA in Photography. I have a multi-genre practice which is held together strongly through an advanced visual style including the use of black and white large format film and on-location and studio flash which I apply to my subjects with the aim of exploring inter-societal human relationships. I combine both a commercial and an art-based practice to create unique and individualistic photographs of the subjects that enter my life.

My photographic background has been grounded within a commercial practice, primarily as a result of my Batchelor’s degree in Commercial Photography from AUB and my farther (a commercial photographer) who acted as a mentor as I was developing my practice. This, combined with my experience as an AUB Technician Demonstrator, gives me a highly technical and aesthetic eye – something which I apply across my practice from fashion and still life, to documentary and fine art. 

I focus on monochrome imagery as this is something that I visually understand incredibly well and because it allows me to stay in control of my practice from the moment I shoot a photograph, throughout the analogue process, up to publishing the final image. Despite this, I do bring colour into my work through toning (both analogue and digital), and through various colourising techniques – as can be seen in my homage to Demarchelier in ‘IN VOGUE’. 

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