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My photographic background has been grounded within a commercial practice, primarily as a result of my Batchelor’s degree in Commercial Photography from AUB and my farther (a commercial photographer) who acted as a mentor as I was developing my practice. This, combined with my experience as an AUB Technician Demonstrator, gives me a highly technical and aesthetic eye – something which I apply across my practice from fashion and still life, to documentary and fine art. 


I am a British photographer based in Bournemouth where I have gained a BA in Commercial Photography and an MA in Photography. I have a multi-genre practice which is held together strongly through an advanced visual style including the use of black and white large format film and on-location and studio flash which I apply to my subjects with the aim of exploring inter-societal human relationships. I combine both a commercial and an art-based practice to create unique and individualistic photographs of the subjects that enter my life.

Of Skin & Rock


There is a growing community of young climbers who travel out to the remote reaches of the Jurassic Coast to push themselves physically and mentally on the rock faces. In an age where so many hobbies and sports are incredibly accessible, why do we choose to climb? Why travel so far along rugged terrain with heavy bags to scale cliff-tops or mammoth boulders, destroying our hands in the process and, eventually, injuring ourselves. As a climber and a photographer, I felt that I was in a unique position to explore this through the lens. lens - and so I spent close to a year walking out onto the boulder-fields with my climbing, camping, and camera gear, sleeping under boulders or in pillboxes, and climbing as much as I possibly could. Bouldering has always been a big part of my life, but it feels as though I have uncovered a far deeper and intimate side to it over the past year and during the production of this book, and this experience has been utterly amazing.